Progress Distribution

Progress Distribution

Passionate about Success

We’re passionate about building channel market success for our European cyber security and regulatory compliance partners.

We create business opportunities and fulfil them through our specialist network of resellers and integrators.

Why Progress

Staying ahead of the ever evolving cyber security and regulatory compliance landscape, with innovative solutions and services.

Why Progress

Why Progress

Progress Distribution Evolution

Progress Distribution partners with market leading and emerging cyber security, networking and data governance technologies, creating new business opportunities and fulfilling them through a dedicated network of resellers and system integrators.

Progress specialists monitor the client and technology landscape, ensuring that we continually evolve our distribution model to provide services and solutions that continue to meet market requirements.

The Progress approach and model sets us apart from the competition and ensures we continue to drive growth for our partners, our fulfilment network and ourselves.

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Sales Acceleration

Sales Acceleration


We partner with cyber security and data governance innovators across Europe to create market leading solutions and services.

Our dedicated team of specialists will help you extend your presence across Europe and accelerate sales in new and existing markets.


We redefine traditional distribution by generating market interest and scaling new business throughout Europe to fulfil through our dedicated network of resellers and integrators.

Our established and mature distribution model ensures the effective fulfilment of new business that accelerates revenue generating opportunities.


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Progress Yield

Return on Investment

Progress Distribution turned a $50k investment into a $1,000,000 dollar return in gross sales revenue, for an early stage technology vendor.

This equates to a staggering 2000% return on their investment.

Progress Vendors

Progress Vendors

The best innovative technology vendors from across Europe, from full transaction stack protection to risk modelling.

Attivo Networks

Deception based threat technology.


Phishing threat management.

Dathena Science

Automated data classification.


edgescan™ on-demand approach delivers a unique service combining fullstack vulnerability management, asset profiling, alerting and risk metrics.


Lastline enables our customers to defend their organisations against advanced, evasive malware that cause costly data breaches.


Award winning privileged access management.


Cyber security analytics,  network modelling and risk scoring platform.


Agentless full transaction stack protection.

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