InfoSec 2018

Infosec 2018

Come and meet us…

Having attended this and events like this many times ourselves, we thought we’d try something a little different.

Business in Progress (BiP) provides a snapshot of some of the latest hot technologies delivering cyber security solutions, plus a partner community offering value added support services, as well as a speaker programme driven by senior Cyber Business Leaders..

All that coupled with extensive networking opportunities and panel debates over a cold beer and food served throughout the day, we hope you can spare the time to drop by.


Come and meet us at our Infosec VIP event.

Venue: The Famous Three Kings
171 North End Road, Fulham, London, W14 9NL
Date: 5th, 6th, 7th June 2018
Time: 09:30 – 22:00 PM
Duration: Stay as long as you wish
Closest Tube:   West Kensington (1 min)


Getting there: The Famous Three Kings is only 8mins walk from Olympia, but stress ye not.   You can hop in one of our complimentary Executive Cars that’ll run frequently from outside the main entrance of InfoSec right to our event door.  Join us for a bite to eat and a cold beer/glass of wine – you’ll deserve it after pounding the Show floor.

Famous Three Kings

The Famous Three Kings, 171 North End Road, Fulham, London, W14 9NL

  • 09.30Venue opens, breakfast being served
  • 10.00 Boring the Board? How to bring cyber security to life and energise stakeholders. Presenter Geordie Stewart, Head of Cyber Security, Nationwide Building Society
  • 10.30 Active Cyber Defence & Securing Trust as well as Technology.  Presenter Pete Cooper, Non-Resident Senior Fellow Atlantic Council (Cyber Statecraft Initiative)
  • 11.15 Security Measures that Don’t Suck.  Presenter Dr Mike Lloyd, CTO, RedSeal
  • 12.00 Lunch available, bar opens
  • 13.00 Zersetzung a cold war intelligence ideology bought back to life with technology, modernised and more effective than ever Presenter Trevor Reschke, Head of Threat Intelligence, Trusted Knight
  • 13.45 Rethinking the Human Factor.  The importance of building a strong cyber security cultuyre.  Presenter Flavius Plesu, Head of Information Security, Bank of Ireland
  • 14.30 GDPR – Cut the Cr**!  What’s it really about?  Presenter David Cook, Senior Associate, Privacy and Cyber Security Compliance and Litigation, Eversheds Sutherland
  • 15.00 The Trouble with Threat Intelligence is….It doesn’t Help!  Presenter Andy Norton, Director of Threat Intelligence, Lastline Inc
  • 15.30  How an Octopus Caught a Phish.  Presenter Dave Baggett, Founder of Inky
  • 16.00  HAPPY HOUR!  Cyber Soapbox…topics include “Privacy, who cares?”  RANTERs :  Joshua Wariebi, Information Security Analyst, Royal Mail.  Pete Cooper, Nicola Lishak, Information Security Risk Lead, Royal Mail
  • 17.30 After the Hype;  What became of last year’s buzzwords?  RANT and ISSA-UK bring you an expert panel who’ll take a retrospective look at over-hyped security tools/techniques and how they actually turned out.  The good, the bad and the downright ugly!
  • 19.30  Bar snacks and drinks
  • 10.00  Event closes


  • 09.30 Venue opens, breakfast being served
  • 10.00 Avengers Initiative, what comics taught me about building
    security teams. Presenter Christian Toon, CISO, Pinsent Masons LLP
  • 10.30 Cyber Security 101,  a multi-layered approach Presenter Nick Ioannou, Head of IT/Associate, Ratcliffe Groves Partnership
  • 11.15 Panel discussion with Cofense
  • 12.00 Lunch available, bar opens
  • 13.00  A Quick History of Deception and why it should be applied to the Cyber Realm.  Presenter Tony Cole, CTO Attivo Networks
  • 13.45 The Psychology of Security. Presenter Peter Fagan, Consultant, Beacon IT Security
  • 14.30 Attribution and I don’t mean hackers. Presenter Danny Dresner, Cybersecurity Lead, University of Manchester
  • 15.15  Your Biggest Assets are your Biggest Risks.  Presenter Simon Sharp, VP International, ObserveIT
  • 15.45  The Classic Security Architecture is Broken – Bring in the Cavalry!  Presenter Ben Miller, SVP International, IDECSI
  • 16.15  HAPPY HOUR!
  • RANT InfoSec special. Evening of networking and panel debates in their unique style
  • 19.30  Food is served
  • 10.00  Event closes

The programme is being added to regularly.  Keep checking back to see what’s new.

  • 09.30 Venue opens, breakfast being served
  • 10.30 Privacy vs Security:  A Pointless False Dichotomy.
    Presenter Rowenna Fielding, Senior Data Protection Lead, Protecture Limited
  • 11.15 Cyber for SME’s – “Falling Between the Cracks” .  Presenter Bharat Thakrar, CISSP/ISC Practitioner
  • 12.00 Lunch and closing comments

    Thank you for being part of Business in Progress, powered by RANT.

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Let us know you’re coming and we’ll look forward to seeing you.

Why Come To Our Event

The Value

Gain insight and join the debates about what matters most to IT Security leaders, from IT Security leaders.

Meet and network with some of the hottest, leading edge cyber security vendors in the market today that can help resolve those issues and the partners that will deliver your solution.

The Benefit

Thought leadership, education, insights into the future of cyber tech all under one roof, with hospitality thrown in for good measure.

The Outcome

Drop in at your leisure, there’ll always be plenty going on with places to sit down, relax with a beer whilst networking with your peers.

You won’t get an aching back or feet and there won’t be any food queues..!!

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