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Financial Services

It can be difficult for early stage organisations to avoid costly capital expenditure for software, hardware and services. These costs can inhibit growth and the ability to exploit current market opportunities.

By using a financing service, early capital expenditure can be avoided and costs moved from capital to operational cost centres, enabling your organisation to achieve its growth potential without capital restrictions.


Financing Terms


  • Low cost lease terms
  • Reduction in taxable income
  • 100% financing


  • Growth without financial restriction
  • Exploit current market opportunities
  • OPEX as opposed to CAPEX expenditure


You organisation will benefit from cost-efficient leasing, rather than making large capital outlays for hardware, software and services.

Leasing will enable you to retaining capital within the business while it continues to grow and leverage immediate market opportunities without expenditure restrictions.

There are additional tax benefits and your organisation is likely to benefit from these as well as the asset flexibility that comes with leasing.

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