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Access, Share, Migrate, Collaborate, Govern.

Seamless connectivity to the growing universe of public, private, and hybrid cloud storage options and also enterprise content management systems.

Our aim is to enable individuals, companies and software developers to connect to and reap the benefits of the expanded set of file management and storage options without the need to deal with their complexities. We aim to provide a cleaner, simpler way to migrate, secure, and manage all cloud files, no matter where they are stored.

Single Login Access
CloudFuze’s Clouds Manager allows you to sync multiple cloud storage accounts and access all of your cloud files from one point. CloudFuze currently supports 10 public cloud storage services.

Clouds Manager
Clouds Manager allows you to configure accounts with CloudFuze and provides a global view of your files. Easily add new accounts or delete cloud accounts currently added to Cloud Manager.

Organise Files
CloudFuze offers simplified file management features to organise files in an enhanced manner. The file Favourites feature allows you to select your favourite files and access all your favourite files with one click.

Multiple File Views
CloudFuze Cloud File Manager offers multiple file views. By default you will see all files and folders related to all your cloud accounts, You can sort these files by file name, added date, size, service, last edited date and so on.

Manage Files & Folders
You can upload multiple files from your computer to any cloud service configured with your CloudFuze account. You can even download files that you would like to access. Create folders and upload required files to any of these folders directly with CloudFuze.

Fast File Search
CloudFuze’s Cloud File Manager can search by file name across all of your cloud storage accounts and uses search as you type to suggest matching file names as you type. Even if you do not know where the exact file is located you can see it though bread crumb functionality.

  • Security Infrastructure 94% 94%
  • Data Governance 3% 3%
  • End Point Security 5% 5%


The CloudFuze platform offers seamless connectivity to the growing universe of public, private, and hybrid cloud storage options and also enterprise content management systems.

Significantly, the CloudFuze platform provides a robust set of software and tools that make it possible to transfer, collaborate and secure files and documents regardless of where they reside.

Finally, CloudFuze supports the increasing enterprise collaboration needs by offering its functionality on a variety of devices and messaging apps like Cisco Spark, Slack, etc. The result is that CloudFuze customers can use a single platform across all of their devices and apps to access and manage any file or document regardless of where it is stored.


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