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Regulation, Responsibilities, Timing.

Dathena transforms data from being a liability to an asset by providing the most innovative and accurate data governance platform.

To tranfsorm data from being a liability to an asset with the goal of turning  Big Data to Smart Data.

​The volume, variety, velocity and veracity of data are some of the the biggest challenges organizations are facing today. The tremendous growth of data is creating major governance and technical issues which can have critical legal implications. Gartner predicts that enterprise data will grow by 800% in the next few years.


Governance: Takes control of data, classifies and manages it effectively.

Security Compliance: Detects document labelling and security settings, anomalies and gets alerts.

Legal: Expedites the investigation process, avoids litigation and Penalties.

Insider Threat: Protects data and improves Data Loss Prevention.

  • Security Infrastructure 11% 11%
  • Data Governance 91% 91%
  • End Point Security 46% 46%


All roads lead to digital presence, but it’s not always an easy course to steer and the threats to data privacy are very real.

Digital citizens are becoming increasingly aware of these threats and demanding protection of their personal data. Businesses have to take the concerns of customers very seriously, or risk losing their businesses altogether.

Legislators are also taking these concerns seriously, enacting new rules and framework such as the GDPR and the EU/US Privacy Shield. What are the implications for businesses? How do you implement processes to comply with these rules? How do you reassure your stakeholders while making the most of the vast opportunities presented by the digital revolution?


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