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Inky® Phish Fence is a mail protection gateway that uses sophisticated AI, machine learning and computer vision algorithms to block deep sea phishing attacks that get through every other system.

To protect enterprises from targeted, deep sea phishing attacks using reputational intelligence and advanced machine learning techniques.

Protect and Educate your Users

Inky Phish Fence automatically scans every email — internal and external — to identify and flag phishing emails. Unlike every other system on the market, Inky Phish Fence uses proprietary machine learning and computer vision algorithms to “see” each email much as the recipient would. Unlike a human recipient, however, Inky Phish Fence can tell when an email is a forgery, and can either quarantine the mail or deliver it with disabled links and a user-friendly warning.

Awesome Analytics

Our analytics dashboard gives you complete visibility into the threats Inky Phish Fence is blocking. Admins can drill down to the level of an individual message to understand the exact nature of an attack. Queries can address particular date ranges, targeted users, or specific types of dangerous email.

  • Security Infrastructure 46% 46%
  • Data Governance 19% 19%
  • End Point Security 82% 82%

Total Visability

The Inky Phish Fence admin dashboard allows your IT/Security team to run date-range queries of threats you have encountered. Admins can drill down into specific threats and even view details of individual email messages. Inky Phish Fence adds a “Report Phish” link to every email which lets your users send suspicious emails to your SOC for analysis within the Inky Phish Fence dashboard. This works from any mail client — web, mobile, or desktop — and preserves the mail headers and Inky’s full analysis.

Inky Phish Fence blocks zero-day threats like no other mail protection system. Learn how it caught a DocuSign phishing scam.


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