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Lastline - Breach Defender

Complete visibility into threats operating inside your network. Automate data collection and analysis, categorize complex threat behavior, and triage threats quickly and effectively.

Our mission is to enable our customers to defend their organisations against advanced, evasive malware that cause costly data breaches.

Lastline Breach Defender™ is a network threat analytics solution that delivers the information you need to respond quickly and effectively to threats operating in your network. Its unmatched threat detection and analytics technologies provide you with superior awareness of the scope of advanced network threats.

  • Infrastructure Security 81% 81%
  • Data Governance 32% 32%
  • End Point Security 87% 87%

Advanced Malware Detection and Threat Intelligence

Lastline Enterprise provides unmatched visibility into malicious objects trying to enter your network via email, web traffic, file transfers, or cloud applications. Its unique approach detects the advanced malware that slips past your existing security controls. It generates a complete inventory of every malicious behavior engineered into the code, so you can fully remediate the attack.

The Lastline Behavioral Intelligence Program delivers threat data, trends, and analysis that improves your security team’s ability to protect your organization against advanced malware-based attacks and network breaches. Lastline security experts investigate attacks and publish unique, actionable information about the latest malware and threats in the form of real-time tracking, targeted alerts, and detailed reports.


Malicious programs analyzed by Lastline were classified by AV tools with generic labels that provide limited guidance for effective remediation.

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