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Network Security - Reworked

An on-demand platform with full-packet memory that delivers real-time and retrospective detections and advanced forensics at cloud scale.

Providing Cloud-Powered Network Detection & Response (NDR). Organisations can achieve defense-in-depth via advanced analytics in enterprise, cloud and industrial environments with real-time and retrospective detections.

The ProtectWise Grid™
Is an enterprise security platform changing security — providing visibility from network to endpoint, automated threat detection and unlimited forensic exploration — on demand and delivered entirely from the cloud.

Intrusion detection
Highly reliable threat detection that extends the coverage area of intrusion detection systems (IDS) beyond the perimeter to include cloud and industrial environments.

Security analytics
On-demand cloud security analytics for more effective forensic analysis, incident response and threat hunting.


  • Security Infrastructure 91% 91%
  • Data Governance 12% 12%
  • End Point Security 42% 42%


The ProtectWise Grid™ is changing the way humans interact with security with one of the largest security data sets ever created and analyzed. It captures traffic – flows, metadata and packets – analyses it in real time, retains it indefinitely, and visualises it for immediate and effective detection and forensics.

The ProtectWise Grid creates an unlimited retention window with full-fidelity forensics which can be captured from everywhere in the enterprise, including on-premises, cloud and industrial environments. Now your team can hunt and investigate threats through every stage of an attack, regardless of how far back in time it occurred.


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